Dear Clients,

As you probably know, cPanel Inc. has made several increases in the price of their licenses in the last few years, as we have done in the past, we have tried to keep the prices as low as possible in the interest of our clients and we have succeeded in doing so in the last few years, but we are now obliged to apply these increases as of May 1st.

New prices as of 1st May 2023:

Package Name Account Limit Domains Limit License Type New Monthly Price
   Admin 5 Unlimited    Cloud Only (VPS Only) $27.95
   Pro 30 Unlimited    Cloud Only (VPS Only) $39.95
   Premier Fixed 100 100 Unlimited    Cloud & Metal (VPS & Dedicated) $59.95
   Premier Fixed 150 150 Unlimited    Cloud & Metal (VPS & Dedicated) $76.95
   Premier Fixed 200 200 Unlimited    Cloud & Metal (VPS & Dedicated) $93.95
   Premier Fixed 250 250 Unlimited    Cloud & Metal (VPS & Dedicated) $110.95
   Premier Fixed 300 300 Unlimited    Cloud & Metal (VPS & Dedicated) $127.95

Packages with more than 300 accounts will be charged an additional $17 per month for every 50 accounts.

These new prices will be applied to all existing licenses.

We will of course continue to offer the best prices on the market, volume discounts with our reseller program and the "Price Match Guarantee" on all our licenses, if you find a lower price at another distributor we are committed to offering you the same price.

The WebSoftSolus Team

Thursday, March 30, 2023

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