WHMCS OVH Servers Manager

Empower your customers and save time is money!

How many times a client contacts the support to reboot this machine in an emergency due to improper handling, reinstall a machine, change a IP reverse..... etc. ?
This module will save time by delegating the management of servers to your customers is to empowered for the most common tasks.

Give added value to your products

Provide access to all the important features such as reboot, reinstalling, management reverses ... etc. gives an added value to your products and clients do not hesitate to order when they know they can be independent.

Sell your servers at white label

All features of the module were designed mannered to allow you to have your own brand without link to OVH, and nothing on the interface allow the clients to know that his server is an OVH server.

Key Features

  • Completely customizable theme
  • Servers Management Panel
  • Automatic Suspension
  • Automatic Unsuspension
  • Managing post-installation scripts
  • Managing and Customizing automatic mails
    (Reboot, Rescue, instllation, vKVM...etc.)

Admin features

  • Managing Client features
  • Enable/Disable Summary
  • Enable/Disable Client features
  • Enable/Disable Rescue Modes
  • Management of white label
  • Managing Systems (OS) available for installation
  • Managing post-installation scripts
  • Customizing automatic emails
  • Servers Manager
  • Management of Reverses IPv4 / IPv6
  • Hardware Reboot
  • Login to OVH manager
  • Links to Renewals Servers

Clients Features

  • Hadware Reboot
  • MRTG Graphs
  • System reinstallation
  • Network Boot "NetBoot"
  • Management Reverses IPv4
  • Management Reverses IPv6
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Managing FailOver IP
  • Managing IRC Filters
  • Managing Virtuals MAC for VPS    
  • History Interventions
  • List of blocked IP addresses

System requirements

Completely Customizable

The module is designed such that you can customize absolutely everything about your client interface, images, layout ...etc.


The module support all languages of WHMCS.

Online demo

Access our fully functional demo

URL : https://www.websoftsolus.com/clients/
Username : demo@demo
Password : demo

Quick and easy installation

Installation is quick and simple and is done in 10 minutes.
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